Monthly Archives: June 2018

Staff Updates and Contact info

We have some staff changes taking place at CMBC’s office. Please note the following staff updates and contact details:

Kamila Krol-DeProphetis will be on maternity leave from July 2018 until December 2019.

Heidi Schmeiser is now permanently the Inquiry Program Manager:; 604-742-2233

For the duration of the maternity leave, Sonia Price will be taking on the role of Quality Assurance Coordinator:; 604-742-2236

and Anaïs Forest-Cooter will be covering for Sonia as our Registration Coordinator:; 604-742-2237

We are pleased to introduce our newest staff member, Janelle LeBlanc, who is our new Office Administrator for the next 18 months:; 604-742-2230

CMBC would like to extend a warm welcome to Janelle and wish Kamila a wonderful next few months! We also wish Heidi, Sonia and Anaïs luck in their new roles. Thanks for your patience during this transition time.