Monthly Archives: November 2019

CMBC welcomes government’s proposed reforms to regulatory framework; announces amalgamation with BC College of Nursing Professionals.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Health outlined a bold proposal for modernizing B.C.’s health regulatory framework. This proposal came in response to recommendations made by Harry Cayton in his report, An Inquiry into the College of Dental Surgeons and the Health Professions Act, which was released in April 2019.

We welcome today’s announcement; government’s bold and innovative proposal to overhaul health profession regulation puts the focus exactly where it should be: on protecting the public.

We were especially pleased to see government’s move to reduce the number of regulatory colleges. Earlier this year, we entered into discussions with the BC College of Nursing Professionals to consider amalgamating into a single regulator. With the express approval of the boards and leadership of both colleges, we submitted a letter of intent to the Ministry of Health on September 30, 2019.

We were encouraged to receive support to move forward with this work. Seeing that it is part of government’s broader streamlining efforts is further validation that our proposed amalgamation with the BC College of Nursing Professionals makes sense for registrants, staff and the public.

We commend the Steering Committee for their foresight and leadership, and for their work to depoliticize health profession regulation in the public interest. We look forward to participating in government’s consultation process, and we are committed to working together to bring their vision to life.