Unauthorized Practice


CMBC regulates the profession of midwifery in the province of British Columbia according to the Midwives Regulation (BC 1995), the Health Professions Act and the CMBC Bylaws. Only CMBC registrants are authorized to practice midwifery and to use the titles “registered midwife” or “midwife”.

Government has created these laws to assure the public that the people who provide midwifery services:

  1. Received their education from accredited/recognized schools;
  2. Passed rigorous entry to practice examinations;
  3. Maintain continued competencies;
  4. Carry professional liability insurance; and
  5. Are accountable to a regulatory body that can investigate public complaints and impose professional discipline.

The risks of not seeing a health professional include:

  • incorrect or incomplete advice about recommended treatments or procedures
  • infection resulting from exposure to unsterilized or inadequately sterilized equipment
  • reluctance on the part of the unregistered individual to immediately seek medical assistance if an emergency situation arises
  • serious illness and/or death of the mother and/or baby

It is CMBC’s legislated duty to act on information that a non-registrant may be:

  • using the reserved titles “registered midwife” and/or “midwife”
  • using the abbreviation “RM” and/or
  • performing any of the restricted activities reserved for a registered practitioner, as outlined in Sections 4 and 5 of the Midwives Regulation

Reports of unauthorized practice or title use

On receiving a report about the unauthorized use of reserved titles or performance of restricted activities, CMBC will review the information and conduct a preliminary investigation into the matter. If CMBC determines that the relevant legislation has been breached, the College will send a “cease and desist” letter to the non-registrant, notifying them of the relevant legislation and providing them with 21 days to amend their advertising materials and/or to stop using the restricted titles and/or stop their illegal actions. Where necessary, CMBC may also send a follow-up letter, providing the non-registrant with 15 additional days to comply before further action in taken. If the non-registrant fails to amend their actions, advertising, or to stop using the restricted titles within the timeline(s) provided, CMBC will instruct its legal counsel to commence appropriate proceedings.

Make sure your health professional is registered

The College encourages members of the public to use the public register to verify that an individual is registered with CMBC. If you are aware of or have reasonable grounds to suspect that a person is illegally practising midwifery or unlawfully holding themselves out as a midwife, please contact CMBC by email, fax or post.

Email: registrar [at] cmbc.bc.ca
Fax: 604-357-1867

Louise Aerts
Registrar & Executive Director – CMBC
900-200 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC  V6C 1S4

Cease & Desists

The following individuals have come to CMBC’s attention for having used the title of “Midwife” and/or having held themselves out as midwives.

Yoan Benoit (1999)
Sasha Bethell (2004)
Kelly Box (2001)
Alexandra Boydell (1999)
Wendy Brookes (2003)
Diane Carter (1999)
Wendy Clemens (2001, 2016)
Nicole Dahl (2005)
Josee Dominico (2005)
Amy Labadie (2003)
Gloria Lemay (1998, 2016)
Joanna Sui Lien Lim (2018)
Pashta MaryMoon (2016)
Haidee McMillan (2007)
Cindy Milner (2001)
Sandra Roberge (2000)
Tonya Robitaille (2012)
Marijka Roussea (also Marika Jolar and Moreka Jolar) (1998, 2012)
Penny Ruvinsky (2000)
Luisa Sanchez (2000)
Paula Shandro (2007)
Josephine Slater (2001)
Roisin Sheehay-Culhane (2002)
Maliheh Venus (1998)
Michelle Walks (2005)