Find a Midwife

The BCCNM REGISTER confirms the registration of a midwife including information on registration, practice, hospital privileges and specialized certification.

To search for midwives by community, please visit the website of the Midwives Association of BC.

Class of Midwife Registrants

Practising midwife registrants meet all the conditions and requirements for registration and practice as midwives in British Columbia. They may practice in the full scope of midwifery, as locum midwives, provide limited scope of practice, or have limits and conditions imposed on their practice.

Provisional midwife registrants do not meet all the registration requirements for Practising midwife registration. They may practice in the full scope of midwifery awaiting the results of the Canadian Midwifery Registration Examination or the BC Jurisprudence Examination, or with limits and conditions while addressing deficiencies in the knowledge, skills or abilities required for Practising midwife registration.

Non-practising midwife registrants must not practice midwifery or any restricted activities in British Columbia

Temporary midwife (emergency) midwife registrants solely provide assistance during an emergency situation declared by the BCCNM Registrar.