IMPORTANT As of Sept. 1, 2020, College of Midwives of BC amalgamated with the BC College of Nursing Professionals to become the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM). The new BCCNM website is under construction and will be launched in late Fall 2020.

​In the interim, visitors can still retrieve information about midwifery regulation from the CMBC website or nursing regulation from the BCCNP website. Although the content on both websites may refer to CMBC or BCCNP respectively, it is the most current information on nursing and midwifery regulation. We appreciate your patience while we work towards launching the new BCCNM website and updating all our documents to reflect our new BCCNM name and brand.

Regulator-issued professional standards and policy & consultation

Regulator-issued professional standards and policy have a significant impact on how midwives practice, how members of the public receive midwifery care, and how the profession of midwifery integrates with the broader perinatal care system in BC. Accordingly, CMBC strives to gather feedback from a wide range of perspectives in order to develop related policy in an informed, accountable and transparent manner.  Consultation with midwives, the public and other key partner assists us to effectively develop and revise professional standards and related policy.

Generally, open consultation occurs after the professional standard and/or policy has received approval by the responsible CMBC statutory committee, and before it is presented to the CMBC Board of Directors. How, and on what CMBC requests consultation is depends on the nature and scale of impact of what is being proposed, as well as the number and type of stakeholders with which consultation is required.

Consultations are time-limited, and posted here on the website via a feedback form. Formal notification of a consultation posting is issued in advance to relevant stakeholders. We also initiate consultation by phone, email, in-person focus groups, written correspondence and surveys. Results of consultation are published quarterly in the CMBC Newsletter.

CMBC considers your input essential and valuable. Thank you for your time.


There are currently no open consultations.