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October 2020

Registration fees for 2021-22

For 2021-22, practising midwife registration will cost $740.95 (a 70% reduction). The reduction of the midwife fee aligns the profession’s registration fees with those of nurse practitioners because our initial analysis suggests that the costs of regulating the two professions is similar.

Non-practising midwife registration will decrease to $94.90 (a 68% reduction) to align with non-practising registration for nursing professionals.

Student midwife registration will cost $208.05, an increase of 39%. This aligns the cost of student midwife registration with employed student nurses, and more accurately reflects the costs of regulating this group.

These adjusted registration fees take into account the funds required to invest in new business processes and improved IT systems as a result of the amalgamation of the former nursing and midwifery regulators.

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Nursing education program update

The BCCNM board withdrew recognition of Canadian Health Care Academy practical nursing education programs effective Oct. 16, 2020.

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