Peer Case Review

Midwives are required to participate in a minimum of four peer case reviews per registration year. Peer case review consists of a review of clinical care and is intended to be educational, confidential and conducted in a supportive, non‑punitive environment. At least two midwives and two midwifery practices must be present at each peer case review, which must include the following:

  • A presentation of a case history to date including available information on medical, family, obstetrical and psychosocial history, family circumstance, relevant lab work, test results, ultrasound findings, and significant developments when applicable over the course of pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum period.
  • An explanation of how the case was managed by one of the midwives participating in the review, including consultations and/or transfer of care to other health care providers.
  • A discussion of the application of CMBC regulations, standards, clinical practice guidelines and policies to the case.
  • Client feedback on care provided if available.
  • Observations and feedback by peer case review participants.
  • An explanation of changes made or recommendations for potential changes in practice if applicable.